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Aishwaryam, Sitapur Farms is an opportunity to invest in premium residential land with a farmhouse. This property is located on the Delhi-Jaipur highway in the Sitapur district, which is exactly 2.40 hours from Gurugram.

It is a completely gated property that spans 35,523 square feet. The opportunity is valued at ₹1.67 Cr and has the potential for healthy and systematic appreciation. Historically, the area has seen more than 300% appreciation. This is an ESG-focused, sustainable, and long-term investment with a clear legal title.


Natura Leaf House, a luxury villa, is an extension of our successful Aishwaryam land opportunity 1. This investment presents the chance to participate in the construction of a 2200 sqft luxury villa located in the Sitapur district along the Delhi-Jaipur highway, a mere 2.40 hours from Gurugram. Positioned within a completely gated farmhouse community spanning 200+ acres, this meticulously planned development promises exclusivity and privacy.
With a valuation of ₹1 Cr, the opportunity offers substantial potential for robust and systematic appreciation, supported by historical data indicating over 300% appreciation in the area. Notably, investors benefit from a clear legal title and downside protection through the registration of the land in a SPV. Furthermore, the project underscores its commitment to ESG principles, ensuring sustainability and long-term value creation. This investment opportunity is strategically located, legally secure, and aligns with modern investment preferences, making it an attractive proposition for discerning investors seeking both financial returns and ethical investment avenues.


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